Boho Wedding – A Bridal Photo Series

With the onset of the global Pandemic, the event industry took a drastic hit.  We were used to being on our toes 24/7, travelling from one city to another, planning and executing large scale events but the nationwide lockdown imposed in March due to Covid-19 put an end to it all.

As creatives, we needed to find an outlet to channel our creativity and keep the team motivated and that’s when we thought of a Boho Wedding photo series. 

From Como Collective to the hotel, Hilton Goa Resort, to our photographer, Studio RDP and our bride, Scarlett Rose. It all fit, just like a jigsaw puzzle.

From planning over a cup of coffee to execution, it felt like a dream come true.

Bohemian or Boho Weddings, are quite different from traditional weddings. They’re inspired by what we see in nature and have an earthy and romantic feel. They’re full of little details like fresh flowers, earthy organic linen etc which add a certain warmth to it.

The Wedding Dress

Boho Brides typically dress in light fabrics with subtle hues. Simple cuts and seams, that look effortless yet gorgeous. Scarlett wore 3 different dresses in different silhouettes designed by Kian by Sonal Garodia & Rudraksh Dwivedi, curated by Como Collective. She looks absolutely stunning in them, doesn’t she?

Hair & Makeup

Boho Brides typically opt for make up that is fresh, dewy and non-fussy. It’s carefree yet elegant. The hair is often worn in messy buns, soft beach wavy hair curls as well as pleats for the more modern brides.


Boho Weddings are inspired by what we see in nature, so naturally,  The decor too involves elements from the outdoors such wildflowers, foliage, rustic boho rugs, lanterns, rice lights etc. The decor was carefully curated and executed keeping the same in mind.

The Wedding Cake

Bohemian wedding cakes have a more organic look and feel, unlike traditional wedding cakes. Made by the pastry chef at Hilton Goa Resort, this cake is what dreams are what made of. Seated on a wooden stand, the 3 tier cake was indeed as tasty as it looks. Flowers, herbs and leaves added to the beauty of the cake.


Model – Scarlett Rose

Decor – VLW Global

Shot by: Romesh Dhamija (Studio RDP)

Art Direction – Pallav Ojha

Styled by- Neha Asthana

Wardrobe – By Como Collective

HMUA- Minette Pereira

Outfits – Kiaan by Sonal Garodia & 

Rudraksh Dwivedi

Jewellery – Kiaan By Sonal Garodia

Location – Hilton Goa Resort

General Manager, Hilton Goa Resort – Amandeep Grover

Marketing Communications Manager, Hilton Goa Resort – Edra Godinho

Food – Hilton Goa Resort

Pastry Chef, Hilton Goa Resort – Amit Chatterjee

BTS – Growth Gravy

Shoot Assistance – Asis Shaikh, Toshif Muzawar & Tara

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