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How are weddings supposed to be? Is there an answer to this? In my opinion, the answer to this differs from person to person. But in my experience of having planned and executed so many wedding in the past years, most couples like to summarise their ideas to ‘exotic’ and ‘exciting’.

If these words excite you then we recommend, head to Barcelona for your dream wedding.

There is no one but many reasons that makes Barcelona a germane choice to host your wedding. Talk about the weather, photoshoot and the groundbreaking potential of the land, Barcelona will steal your heart away under each category.

The Climate in Barcelona

Barcelona happens to be one of the most preferred cities of Sothern Europe, especially for the year-long mild climate. On average, the maximum temperature stays at about 18° C. The thought of which is also soothing and pleasant to me. Any time of the year that’s convenient for the couple and their dear ones is perfect for a Barcelona wedding.

Aesthetic Beauty

Spain, in general, is a place knows for the scenic beauty. For the natural landscapes that take you back to a land where you run out of words to describe the beauty in front of your eyes. Barcelona, the capital of the Mediterranean is hence the ideal location to hold a perfect wedding. All the Pinterest boards can finally be checked out after Barcelona.

Welcoming City

Barcelona is a welcoming city, they are open to hosting events with due respect given to your rituals and traditions. In the venue of your choice, you can hold a wedding with no compromise in respect to your culture and beliefs.

Spaces for you

You name it and the probability of a no at Barcelona is very less. Exceptional country houses, modern urban spaces, rustic and agrarian vineyards and remarkable places right by the sea. The city is known for its art and architecture; the medieval streets, the unmissable Gothic quarter, modernista buildings, the legacy of the Roman city Barcino and modern architecture, the whimsical Sagrada Familia Church and other modernist landmarks by Antoni Gaudi, everything you might be looking for is close to you in Barcelona.

Here are some of my best property picks for a Barcelona Wedding

1.Edifici Historic De La Universitat De Barcelona

This significant construction of historic and artistic landmark status was established between 1863 and 1871. Standing tall in the heart of the city, it offers both indoor and outdoor spaces that can accommodate up to 400 people. A closed wedding ceremony, evening reception or cocktail dinner, this grandeur piece of architecture can take it all with immense classiness and poise. The principal staircase prompts to the upper floor, connected by the gallery this is an ideal background to host any event. The assembly hall is the focal point and is genuinely one of a kind because of its impressive, downplayed design.

2. Finca Mas Solers

A nineteenth-century Renaissance-style mansion in a charming setting to hold a wedding that would last in the minds of the attendees for years to come. The venue offers capacious and elegant rooms, graceful gardens and outdoor spaces for the ceremony of your dreams. The place can accommodate up to 1200 guests at a time.

3. El Convent de Blanes

Here is a mystical place on the Costa Brava. Experience a pleasant view of the coastline, as the sky meets the sea. El Convent de Blanes is located 70 km from Barcelona and carries the reputation of holding several events witnessing peace, nautical history, flavours and aesthetics of nature. The architecture can accommodate close to 320 people, a perfect spot for a closed private event with your loved ones.

4. Castell de Sant Marçal

Castell de Sant Marçal, situated in Cerdanyola del Vallès and Sant Cugat del Vallès, is a mansion going back to the start of the thirteenth century. The heavenly gardens offer you the chance to commend a customized wedding and make the most of it on your D-Day. This expansion to the château has been reestablished in relationship with the renowned interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán. It is enlivened by the French Orangeries appended to French royal residences and manors, where enormous family parties were held.

5. Casa Llotja de Mar

The Casa Llotja de Mar is one of the best listed in the architectural landmarks of Barcelona. The landmark stands tall as an epitome of medieval Gothic architecture in the Mediterranean. The venue can accommodate up to 450 people and with the intricate details of the structure, an event/celebration at this event can truly be breathtaking. Enormous pillars that make up the foundation for greater decor representing sophistication and glory.

6. Mas d’Osor

Here is one that exclusively fits for a wedding celebration. Mad’Osor can host a crowd of 210 people. The location of the landmark and its aesthetic beauty makes it a perfect choice for an intimate wedding celebration. At the heart of the Montseny massif, in Viladrau, Mas d’Osor is not a mere location but the one that has the potential to carve your dreams and fantasies. Enjoy aesthetic beauty with a perfect mix of gastronomic experience.

7. Mas de Sant Lleí

Mas de Sant Lleí is a 12th-century country house dwelled on a hill in Vilanova del Vallès about 20 kilometres from Barcelona. Countryside weddings are opted by many today for the cosiness and intimacy that adds to the exclusivity of the event. The venue is one of its kind to hold a reception or fancy cocktail party. Choose from their terraces or the polished and spacious halls, they’re all just perfect to host your event. Mas de Sant Lleí can take in about 530 people to be a part of your celebration.

8. Masia Egara

History and heritage are easily found at Masia Egara. It is a Catalan country house with large farmland and forest around it. The country house has a beautiful 16th-century construction style with the pieces of the century as part of the interiors as well. The house can accommodate about 450 people. The insides of the house boast beautiful furniture and artworks from different eras. Space was reconverted 25 years ago to accommodate both family gatherings and corporate events, without losing the essence which has characterized it throughout the years.

My love for aesthetics and beautiful relationships does not allow me to just look by and appreciate the beauty of this city but I wish to make dreams come true at this very spot. Feel free to connect and change tides in the sphere of weddings with my team and I. The tag ‘Married at Barcelona’ is all set from our side 🙂

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