Garden Themed Weddings

Imagine flowers, lights, candles, wooden surroundings and a lush green backdrop, a garden is the perfect spot for a whimsical wedding! Garden weddings have their own ethereal vibe, perfect for a nature loving couple that glows when outdoors. What better way to connect to souls than that surrounded by nature?

    Here are some of our favourite garden themes that we love to adore:

  1. Vivid With Vintage: 

One of the classics, the Vintage theme is evergreen, one that can’t go wrong. Add rustic frames, antique furniture, wooden accessories, calligraphy, velvet articles and voila, you have the perfect, picturesque vintage wedding. Not to mention, the rustic feels are bound to be captured in each frame. A bonus tip: white flowers are amazing at bringing out the vintage vibe.

  1. Playful with Colours:

Always had a colour scheme in mind for you big day? This would be the perfect opportunity! Adding pops of colour shall transform your wedding space into a festival of fun. Playing along with notes of nature, they’re bound to bring out the best backdrop for your wedding.

  1. Wishful amongst Wood:

Imagine an aisle with candles on either side, trees adorned with fairy lights, whimsical tunes playing while your guests are hypnotized with the tranquility, the perfect fairytale wedding. No garden themed wedding would be complete without elements of wood. Your decoration would be minimalistic but classy, for example, having polished tree barks which would be aesthetically enhanced with neutral fabrics that could also add comfort. Weddings in the woods are truly magical and add mystical elements that are adored.

  1. The Floral Fiesta: 

Flowers have been a constant at weddings since the beginning of time. While designs keep upgrading and trends keep changing, decorators have always used flowers to enhance the aesthetic value of a wedding set up. The key to the desired floral set up is to choose flowers that compliment each other as well as ensure they’re designed keeping in mind the aesthetic value of the combinations. We would definitely suggest working with lots of greenery and pastel colours, it’s a combination which spews elegance.

  1. Magical with Fairy Lights: 

Dine under the stars and feel the magic heighten your senses. Let the moon glow while fairy lights enhance the enchanting aura. Fairy lights are guaranteed to bring aesthetics in place whether they’re strung as an overhead mesh or even simply placed around decor, perfect for an evening event. We usually suggest playing around with fairy lights and pastel colours for a beautiful evening dinner, because trust us, the combination is absolutely divine. 

A garden inspired wedding is a diamond in the rough, especially during winter and early summer. While it can be loads of fun as well as a task to get the perfect decor to capture the beauty of the place, when it’s done right, it is the ultimate dream wedding; a utopian wedding.

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