Our favorite Sustainable & Thoughtful Wedding Giveaways in 2021


Weddings are a source of infinite happiness & memories for everyone.

It marks a new beginning in the lives of young couples. Wedding gifts or giveaways act as a tangible reminder of the union of two hearts. It also is a token of appreciation for being a part of your big day.

There’s been a shift in the kind of wedding giveaways people opt for. Given the current environmental situation,  more people are leaning towards sustainable and eco-friendly options and rightly so.

It’s important to be cautious and conscious in this day and age.

Keeping the same in mind, we’ve gone ahead and listed down 5 of our favourite wedding giveaways that are not only thoughtful but also sustainable. Read, get inspired, go ahead and choose yours.

1. A compact planner

Who doesn’t need a planner, right?

Planners help you jot down your thoughts, takes notes and organise your tasks for the day. This beautiful Eco Organiser by 21 Fools, is the ideal wedding giveaway as it’s not only useful on a daily basis but is also made using various sustainable materials, making it the perfect gift for your guests & loved ones. Feeling generous? Throw in some customised pens & other stationery items to take it a notch up.

2. Cupcakes/Indian Sweets

Giveaways don’t always have to be something that one can take home as it often leads to the gift being forgotten or left to collect dust in a corner. Well, how about giving something that the guests can enjoy and consume immediately, with a minimum possibility of being wasted?! Cupcakes or sweets, in general, would be one of the best options for the same. They could have the initials of the couples names or even have other hints of the wedding. 

3. Miniature sauce bottles

Chilly or tomato, everyone has at least one favourite sauce. Miniature sauce bottles would be something absolutely unique and thoughtful at the same time. You can spice up the giveaway with this idea! 

4. Blue Pottery Bowls / Coasters

Blue pottery is a big hit with people of all ages. Well, that comes as no surprise at all. 

They make great decor elements and instantly change the mood of any room with its fun colours.  Mini Blue pottery bowls or coasters would be safe & practical giveaway option for guests.

5. A plant

It’s a new beginning. So, why not give the guests something that symbolises growth and love? Plants are great giveaways and we all know the benefits of having a mini indoor or outdoor garden. Go on, embrace your love for each other and nature with this giveaway. 

Nothing can be compared to the moments the couple and their loved ones share. But hey,  a little giveaway wouldn’t harm anyone, now would it?

We at VLW Global love to take care of all the little details that make your big day stand out. Get in touch with us today to plan your dream wedding and find your perfect giveaway!

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