Sunflowers – Highlight your wedding

Themed weddings are always in trend. We ourselves have spoken of themed weddings and color palettes that you could use at your wedding settings. The themes keep changing but the idea of having a themed wedding is always amusing. 

Today VLW Global intends to bring forth yet another post on one element that has the potential to be the key highlight of your wedding setup – Sunflower.

We’re all aware of how a sunflower looks and feels but through this blog we’re going to tell you the different ways to use a sunflower. A variety of places where Sunflower could be your companion.

1.Hanging carnations:

Contemporary weddings always incorporate hanging carnations for different reasons. They are creative, simple, minimalistic and captures your attention as well. You can opt for a hanging sunflower window sort or even simple hangings along with pretty lamps on top of a table etc. One of the major highlights of a sunflower is its bright and vibrant color combination. Especially if you plan for an evening reception it will be great to have this kind of vibrancy below the starry sky. 

2. Bouquet

Every bride dreams to hold one in her hand. A bouquet that she would love to flaunt in every picture of her D-Day and one that would compliment her outfit and her joyous emotions. For a bouquet sunflowers can be paired with white lilies, red roses, white orchids, chamomile and much more. These combinations suit sunflower the best as it helps enhance the natural shade of the sunflower.

3. Table pieces

Table pieces are a great part of decor for any event be it formal or informal. And especially when it comes to a wedding setup these can be considered as one of the decor highlights. Candles are one of the general table pieces used; pair the same with sunflower and enjoy the uplifted look. Or choose to keep it simple by just placing two to three sunflowers in a bottle on each table.

4. Wedding Cake

You might wonder if this is even worth the read. Trust us, it is absolutely worth it. If you’re one of those simple and minimalist lovers, then go for a plain ivory cake and add some intricate sunflower designs. You can opt for a tiny route of sunflower on the cake or even go for sunflower cupcake trays for your guests.

5. Giveaways

We’ve previously written a blog on some of the most interesting giveaways you can choose to send your guests home with. Let’s give some of the giveaways a sunflower twist now. Your gifts can be put in a hamper sought packaging which can be wrapped with a yellow ribbon and a sunflower as the bow-tie to it. 

The name/message on the gift could be written on a sunflower shaped card. These will undoubtedly be cute but they will also last as a creative memory in your guests’ mind.

6. Brooche

We would like to dedicate these to the men in the house. Be it your sherwani or your suit, be it the groom or the best men, they can all flaunt it. A tiny sunflower shaped brooch that would suit all colors including white, black, blue, red, grey and more.

7. Details on Chairs

Many might underestimate this department in a wedding but I suggest never miss out on this one. The seating arrangement at your wedding can change the total decor game. Two options that we’ve in mind are to have white chairs with tiny sunflower cushions and chairs covered in white with a yellow sachet.

8. Hairdo twist

Be it the bride or the bridesmaids, have headpieces with sunflower detailing. We assure that this would be adored by each and all. You can either have them with a low loose bun or as a hairband for open hair with plenty of loose curls.  

9. The Ring Bearer

Sunflower can also be opted for your engagement ceremony. Let the ring bearer bear your brings on a huge sunflower placed exactly in between on the seeds. Be it gold, silver or diamonds, the crystals will not be lost but the beauty will only be enhanced by doing it this way.

10. Invite

A wedding invite could be the first way to give the guests a hint of your wedding theme. Some of the ways to incorporate sunflower in your wedding invites are to have laser cut invites in the shape of sunflower. Or in the scroll form with a sunflower tie-up. We personally recommend simple card with floral print of water colour effects which is quiet in!

These are some of the best ways we find for you to incorporate sunflower in your weddings. In case you have some more ideas, do not miss to share it with us. Stay tuned as we plan to come forth with particular elements that you could use for your wedding setup.

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