The Great Indian Summer Wedding

The season of vacation, pink lemonade, ice cream, beach-side brunches and floral fashion is here! If you’re thinking about a summer wedding there are a number of ways you can add your summer indulgences to your wedding to make one awesome chilled-out splash of celebration. We’ve gathered some summer wedding idea trends for you, so get inspired by our best ideas from the summer of ’18.

Planning a summer wedding in India – a land of abundant tropical fruit and flower isn’t very difficult; the challenge is, however, choosing from a range of way too many choices! Summer weddings are also a great excuse to take your party outside with a beachside wedding or a cocktail pool party for the Sangeeth. 

A splash of colour

There are a couple of amazing colour combinations to choose from whether you prefer light summer airy colours or choose mix and contrast light and dark.

Light sombre shades: Mint, Lavender, Champagne, Lemon, Coral, Aqua blue, white, peach, Rose gold

A hint of Contrast: Red, Emerald, Berry, Marigold, Gold, Magenta, Royal Purple

A dash of cool flavour

An idea we simply adore is considering an outdoor bar that offers artisanal coolers, fruit mocktails and cocktails. You can expand your beverage menu to include buttermilk, faloodas, lassi, and chilled badam shake, served in tiny artisanal glass bottles. On a warm summer evening, even something as simple as fruit and mint-infused water, tender coconut water, masala lemonade or lemon barley severed in styled mason jars with cute tags will help reenergize your guests and keep them refreshed throughout.

For the dessert bar, ask your caterers to pull out a range of fruit desserts like tarts and mini-cakes, fruit-filled waffle cones, fruity golas, gelato or ice cream sandwiches, and kulfis. And of course, the dessert bar would simply be incomplete without the presence of the King of Summer fruit- the much adore Aam. You can experiment with a range of mango delicacies from mousses, soufflé, cheesecakes, to shrikhand, mastani, and more.

Floral fetish

The season of flowers has so much to offer when it comes to wedding collection for the couple in terms of variations of floral prints – embroidered, embossed or woven floral designs. When it comes to choosing flowers, go for bright colours, these really stand out. Some of the most opted flowers are jasmine, marigold, roses, sunflowers, white blossoms, and orchids; feel free to combine these with leafy ferns. 

Minimal deco with vibrant colours works well for outdoor deco. Paper lanterns will compliment your floral deco if done right. You can even have a little sky lantern ceremony at your party to release little sky lanterns to dot the summer sky. Stained glass bottles with fairy lights or glass bowls with floating fragrant tea lights and flower buds make wonderful table pieces to set the mood for the wedding.

Sunny Photography

Thanks to the perfect weather, you won’t have to worry too much about getting the right kind of lighting for your photographs. With outdoor summer weddings come amazing portrait outdoor photoshoots; whether at the beach or at your outdoor garden reception. You can throw in cool props like funky shades, vibrant colourful parasols, matching themed hand fans for the bridal entourage etc.

No matter what the season, the success of your dream wedding depends on your wedding planner. So make sure to book the best one.

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