The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist for a Stress-Free Wedding

wedding day

You know that familiar nagging feeling of ‘I’m forgetting something’, but you can’t quite tell what it is that you’ve forgotten? Whether you’re on your way to work, or a holiday trip, that feeling shadows your entire day as you nervously think back to everything you did – “did I turn off the heater? Did I pack my bronzer? It’s the highlighter…No wait, I have that. Brushes? Check. What is it?!”

 Your big day should be stress free, so we went ahead and prepared a wedding checklist of essential things that every bride might need on her wedding day. Of course, you may not need all of the things we’ve listed, but this is a comprehensive list to avoid any last-minute panic.

The Ultimate ‘I Can Fix It’ List

Wedding checklist of essential things

We hate last-minute glitches as much as you do, so we like preparing ahead. Here’s a foolproof list of things you need to combat any last-minute mess. Perhaps a bridesmaid, BFF or a close relative could help arrange and carry along the following:

  • -Bobby pins to fix any stubborn tresses

  • -A tiny pair of scissors
  • Safety pins

  • -Nail polish

  • -Nail file

  • -Spare earring backs

  • -Face powder

  • -Hand lotion

  • -Perfume

  • -Lip Balm

  • -Cotton swabs and Tissues (a lot of it)

  • -Makeup remover / Blotting paper

  • -Tampons/ pads

  • -Straws (to drink without smudging your lipstick)

  • -Eye drops

  • -Aspirin (incase the exhaustion gives you a headache)

  • -Antacid (for those nervousness triggered tummy upsets)

  • -Bandaids (a long day in those shoes may call for blisters)

  • -Phone charger (well, it’s going to be a long day)

The Ultimate List of Bride’s Essentials

With so many things on your mind, you’re bound to forget some of the most obvious and important things. Here’s our list for every bride that you can put together and check off your list a day or two before:

  • -Lehenga / Saree / Dress (all pressed and packed carefully)

  • -Button-down shirt or a robe (to wear while getting hair and makeup done and take off with ease)

  • -Shapewear

  • -Undergarments

  • -Shoes (and a pair of comfortable flats)

  • -Jewellery and accessories (Maangteeka, necklace, rings, bangles, anklet, Nath, Kamar bandh)

  • -Hair accessories (Flowers, Hair Pins, tic-tac clips, U-pins, hair bands)

  • -Hairstyling products and tools (a tiny hair comb/brush comes in handy to deal with any straying strands)

  • -Makeup and beauty tools for touch-ups

  • -A small mirror
  • Deodorant

  • -Extra pair of contact lenses if you need

  • -Sunscreen (in case you’re tying the knot outdoors or at the beach)

  • -A small water bottle or maybe an energy drink (you’ll need to keep up the energy through the day)

  • -Snacks to munch on (Nuts, Energy Bars, Khakra, Chocolate Bars, anything to munch on really!)

With these in place, you should have a smooth ride down the aisle. To make it even smoother,  get yourself a great wedding planner and you’re all set to go! 

Photos: Studio RDP & stock images.

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