Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding

As indicated by Tripsavvy, 25% of weddings are destination weddings. I believe that says a lot. Most couples plan for destination weddings as that’s how magnificent, unique and explicit they want their weddings to be. The location, food, guests, aesthetics, everything together make up the big day for a couple.Before you run into the decision that destination wedding is your cup of tea, you need to definitely keep a few things in mind. Without taking these things into consideration a destination wedding might not be the most appropriate option for you.

The couple’s mood/attitude

Each component of your wedding ought to speak to the manner in which you are and the manner in which your bonding with your companion is. Vintage or bohemian is completely your decision however it ought to be something that would suit your identity as a team. To recognize what I precisely mean catch a couple of episodes of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and you’ll hear many say that ‘This isn’t you’ or ‘This defines you.’ Well, it isn’t just about the dress but most things you use and choose to associate with you will demonstrate your choice and the person you are.

Guests and their Plans

Without guests what is your wedding all about? It’s your loved ones that make up for your beautiful day alongside your partner. Destination weddings generally mean less crowd as the travel and stay of the guests is the host’s responsibility. Likewise, the place you decide for your wedding need not be the best to join in excess of a specific number of individuals. Generally, destination weddings will include not more than 150-200 guests for the same reason mentioned above. Apart from the number of guests, you need to also keep a check on your guests’ plans. When you pick a destination to praise your D-day, it is really evident that you wouldn’t have any desire to lose out on any of your dear ones to be along your side. Knowing their plans will enable you to know whether it is a perfect time for the visitors to plan a get-away or not.

Budget is the king

This is one point interlinked with the above point as well. Imagine you want a destination wedding but your budget doesn’t entertain your choice of venue but something slightly lower than that. This is absolutely fine to be honest, just in light of the fact that cash does make a difference. Without it, you might not have the capacity to execute all the plans you have. Your financial plan can contrast from the kind of setting, your visitors rundown to most different things like the outfit you decide to a significant number of more components.


This is one element that is completely out of your control and you really just got to be prepared for the worst (just kidding). You might have a place in your mind but going there on a particular time when you and your guests are perfectly fine with it may not be an apt choice considering the weather of that place. This isn’t something you can exactly risk simply because the weather God may not be your best mate.

Marriage Regulations

Most countries have different marriage regulations and to do your research before you choose your destination is critical. Your thoughts and plans might be arranged impeccably however who thinks about the bizarre regulations in various parts of the world. There are legitimate viewpoints included and you wouldn’t have any desire to mess around with something to that effect for clear reasons.

Shipping items

When you plan a wedding, you would have different ideas and plans for the wedding but shipping items such as decor or giveaways to another country or state may not always be feasible. One way out from this is to have a vague idea of everything (more like a blueprint), you can build on that by getting in touch with a planner from your chosen venue. And then think of the availability and how easy or difficult the execution of your plans could be.

These are just some of the things that we feel you would definitely want to take into consideration if you have a destination wedding in mind. If there are any more than you feel we’ve missed out on then do leave a comment behind on the same.

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