Trending Wedding Decor Themes for 2021

Neon Signs

With 2021 gracing our doorsteps, we hoped that we could have a fresh start without COVID-19 trimming down our grand weddings. However, we are still stuck in the reality of a pandemic and even though it may damper the wedding spirit it cannot break the bonds of love. 

VWL is here to curate your dreamy and insta-worthy fairy-tale wedding. We want to be there with you every step of the way as you plan your big day amidst these challenging times. Kickstart the ideas of your special day and watch us tailor your experience with aesthetics and intricate personalisation, keeping the safety guidelines of the ever-evolving scenario in mind.

We have compiled a set of nouveau trends born of our present reality that will enhance conceptualising the vision of a pandemic wedding in 2021:

  1. Giant Paper Flowers

Fresh flowers have always been the traditional wedding essential. For crafty couples that are fans of textures and unique tones, supplementing your fresh flowers with innovative paper flowers is going to be a stellar sight adorning your cake and reception tables.

 2.Mini Wedding Cakes

With our focus shifting from grand buffets to formal dinner services, the dessert menus will most likely be following the bigger is not always better trend. There is a rise in the requests for micro wedding cakes as the gatherings get more intimate. To amp up the display, we custom design the coasters for our guests.

3.Set of Personalised Succulent Favours

These peculiar succulent pots are a great sustainable option that are a sweet symbol of growth and love. The weatherproof labels or boxes will be personalised to mark your special day. Why not add that touch of liveliness to your guests’ homes?

4.Welcome boxes

What better way to ease the worry of a social gathering during these times than packing the essential COVID-19 wedding safety basics in a dainty box? Personalized hand sanitisers, masks, anti-bacterial wipes, and program details all in one place allow the guests to feel cared for.

5.Tents and Twinkly Lights

With an increase in demand for open-air spaces, couples are leaning into romantic garden weddings with spacious tents and ambient moody lighting. We love watching couples being intimate in outdoor settings.

6.Neon Signs

Neon Signs

Displaying your name or wedding mantra with a swanky neon sign is a great way to make the party pop. From the ceremony backdrop to wedding signage, this piece will serve as a memorable display in your home.

Now that the trends are in, it’s time for you to book the perfect wedding planner  and have them execute all this and more for you on your dream wedding day.

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